Welcome to Third Grade!



Welcome back! Whatever the format, we will continue to learn and grow together this year. My job as an educator is to meet students where they are at and give them the tools they need to be successful now and in the future. Feel free to explore the pages to learn more about your classroom. I will update this page monthly with current news and events, and provide updates via email and Class Dojo. 

If you are a new or prospective family, please feel free to contact the office for my email address or to set up an appointment for an assessment or tour.


Quick Links:



Monday: Mass (8:30) and

                Choir (9:15-9:45)


Tuesday: Group A Art (8:30-

                9:15); Group B Art


                 P.E. (1:10-1:40)


Thursday: Music (11:30-12:00)                      P.E. (12:30-1:05)


Friday: Spanish (1:10-1:40)



(Occasional Faith Families and monthly SLE/Student Government Assemblies on Fridays from 2:15-Dismissal)

Our Class Saint: St. Monica

Feast Day: August 27th

Our curriculum is rigorous and designed to help each student succeed at his/her own level and pace. We are in the process of becoming a "Blended Learning" certified school, meaning we are working toward more tech-based learning, as well as student-directed, teacher-guided lessons. 

Want more information on blended learning and our partnership with LMU iDEAL Institute? Visit this website: 


Math: Eureka Math (see Parent page for extra resources); Freckle; Zearn

ELA: Journeys

(Your child will be provided with a special log in for this site); Freckle

Religion: Be My Disciples

Science/STEM: NGSS and Rozzy Learning

Social Studies: Houghton Mifflin; Freckle; Scholastic

About the Teacher

Mrs. McMillan's

Teaching Philosophy

It is vitally important to me to meet students where they are and help them move forward in their learning.  I want all students to come to school each day and feel safe, cared for, and know their value as scholars.  I strongly believe in diversity, celebrate differences, and structure my lessons according to whole class and individual needs. Since we are a Catholic school, I also believe in inspiring children to be compassionate, loving, and faithful in all that they do, just the way God intends.

Who Am I?

A Brief Introduction

My name is Mrs. McMillan, and I am very eager to continue my journey at Queen of All Saints as the Third Grade teacher. I began my first year of teaching as a long-term substitute in first grade, and finished out the year in third. I graduated from the St. Mary's College credential and Masters program, and a current resident of Danville. Originally from Southern California, I grew up with sunshine and Catholic school education, and knew from a young age that I wanted to be a teacher. I am the oldest of three children, and my mom was also a Catholic school teacher. I absolutely love children, and am excited to have found my home teaching third grade here at Q.A.S.